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Are you looking to buy or sell property in Werribee, but unsure where to start? With a median sale price of $376,000 recorded in Q1 2019 for properties in the area, there’s no doubt that it’s an active market.This blog will provide insights on popular suburbs, tips for buying property and understanding the local real estate trends which are crucial when making informed decisions. Ready to dive into the bustling world of Property Werribee? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Werribee’s property market is active and growing. It has many houses and units for sale.
  • Popular suburbs in Werribee are Harpley, Coldstream Avenue, Campbells Cove Road, and High Street. Each one offers unique homes and features.
  • Buying a house in Werribee needs some thought. Know the real estate market, decide on your budget, consider location and check out the history of the property.
  • Big projects worth lots of money will start soon in Werribee. This shows good faith in the town’s future growth making it an exciting place to invest or live!
Commercial Real Estate in Werribee, VIC-Property market trends in Werribee

Overview of Property Market in Werribee

Real Estate Agents Werribee

The property market in Werribee has reflected varied trends over the past years. Despite a compound growth rate of -0.9% for houses, there’s an upward trajectory for units with a 2.0% rise over the last half-decade.

This indicates that investors are showing interest in smaller, urban housing options as opposed to traditional suburban homes.

A notable volume of sales was observed within a year, with 776 houses changing hands at an average price point of $600,000. This underscores Werribee’s reputation as an affordable market within its wider local government area (LGA), fostering accessibility for potential homeowners and investors alike.

The prevailing trend sees properties remaining on the market for around 50 days before securing a buyer.

Impressively, investment is set to flood into the locale with new projects worth $567.8 million slated to commence in early 2018 – signalling robust confidence in Werribee’s real estate prospects.

Equally promising is the town’s vacancy rate; it presents very encouraging conditions for property stakeholders seeking fruitful returns on their investments.

There are 214 commercial properties for sale in Werribee and its surrounding areas, ranging from office spaces to retail and industrial properties. Among these interesting opportunities, there is a 4.7 Ha* highly flexible development site allocated for employment use, which is part of the Riverwalk Estate.

Werribee South also presents 40 commercial properties for sale, with a diverse mix of options for potential buyers. For those looking to lease office spaces in Werribee, there are 50 available offices for lease. This provides ample choice for businesses seeking an ideal location with affordable lease prices.

A noteworthy project in the area is HUBHQ at the Werribee Centre, which is a new generation strata office building. It features a design-led approach offering a range of office sizes, from 73 to 839 square meters. This innovative commercial space could attract businesses seeking a cutting-edge environment to set up their operations.

In summary, the commercial real estate market in Werribee offers a wide variety of options for businesses seeking to establish themselves in a flourishing and well-connected area. With opportunities for purchase and lease, Werribee presents an attractive prospect for investors and businesses alike.

Popular Suburbs in Werribee

Real Estate Agents Werribee

In Werribee, certain suburbs rise to prominence due to their unique features and property offerings, with Harpley, Coldstream Avenue, Campbells Cove Road, and High Street being among the most sought after.


Harpley stands out in Werribee. It’s only 3.5km from Watton Street, in the heart of town. It is also just 35km South West of Melbourne. Many people love this spot for its peaceful feel and nature areas.

You can get to Harpley fast on the Princes Freeway. This makes it a good pick for those who want to live close to the city but not right inside it.

The area offers waterfront homes and land deals too so you have many things to choose from when buying here. With parks, play areas, and paths to walk on, families often move here for these great spots inside the suburb itself.

Coldstream Avenue

Coldstream Avenue in Werribee is a hot spot for property lovers. Top-notch homes dot this popular suburb. Evidence of the big demand is the sold price history of 20 Coldstream Avenue.

Property data helps paint a clear picture of median prices here. A striking home at 12 Coldstream Avenue was once listed and sold, proving its appeal to buyers. The same goes for the splendid house at 73 Coldstream Avenue.

Australia’s property data experts share all these listing details accurately. So, savvy property participants always keep an eye on buzzing places like Coldstream Avenue in Werribee.

Campbells Cove Road

Campbells Cove Road in Werribee South is a top spot for buying property. Many like this area because it’s right by the sea. A house here recently sold and details about the sale are free to find online.

There’s also a one-bedroom studio on the market right now, with an asking price between $150,000 – $170,000. The great thing about living here is being close to Port Phillip Bay’s shoreline.

It’s truly a perfect fit if you want coastal and portside living!

High Street

High Street stands out in Werribee. It is a popular spot that many people love. This place has some good property data. Some homes on High Street have been sold at high prices. You can find properties like 28 and 57 High Street with such data.

The location of the street makes it more special. It’s close to the heart of Werribee, the train station, schools and the lovely Werribee River. Who wouldn’t enjoy living near these nice places? Plus, from High Street, you can visit famous spots in Werribee such as Werribee Park with ease.

The primary difference between residential and commercial properties lies in their purpose and use. Residential properties serve as living spaces, whereas commercial properties are intended for business activities. Australia’s zoning regulations reinforce these distinctions, preventing property owners from living in a commercial space or operating a business from their home.

Investment strategies differ between residential and commercial real estate as well. Commercial investors often focus on properties that generate steady income through rental agreements. Meanwhile, residential investors may target long-term capital growth or rental income.

Financing options for commercial properties are generally more complex and stringent than those for residential properties. Commercial loans usually require higher deposit amounts, have more rigid repayment terms, and carry higher interest rates.

In terms of lease terms and tenant relationships, commercial real estate is characterized by longer lease agreements with more negotiable conditions. This contrasts with residential properties, where agreements are typically shorter, and conditions follow a more standardized format.

Property management varies as well—commercial property management involves overseeing tenant relations and ensuring the premises meet the specific needs of the businesses, while residential property management is more focused on day-to-day maintenance and tenant satisfaction.

Market dynamics are another point of divergence. Commercial real estate values are often tied to the performance of the businesses occupying the premises, while residential property values depend on factors like location, supply, and demand.

Lastly, risk and return may differ between the two property types. Commercial investments can yield higher returns, but they are also exposed to certain risks such as longer vacancy periods and market fluctuations. Residential properties tend to offer lower returns, but their stable nature may make them a safer investment in some cases.

In conclusion, understanding the key differences between residential and commercial real estate is vital for making informed investment decisions in Werribee. A thorough grasp of these distinctions is imperative for selecting the right property type, navigating its specific nuances, and ultimately achieving success in the world of property investment.

Top Tips for Buying Property in Werribee

Before diving into the property market in Werribee, equip yourself with essential knowledge of the local housing trends, determine a suitable budget aligned with your financial capacity and have clear priorities about location and nearby amenities.

Deeply research any potential investment’s history to avoid surprises down the road.

Know your market

Knowing your market is key to buying property in Werribee. You need to understand the real estate market here. Check out different housing options. Look at rental demand and property values changes.

This will help you find good investment spots. See what factors affect house prices such as location or school zones. Cornerstone, an 86-hectare area in Werribee, has land for sale that could be a wise choice for investors looking at long-term growth.

Determine your budget

Before you start looking for a property in Werribee, know how much money you can spend. This is your budget. Real estate agents in Werribee can help you with this. They have key insights to share.

Do not hurry to buy a property. Make sure it fits within the money you have set aside. Different loan options are available in Werribee which could aid your buying process too.

Wyndham City is a great place for investing if that’s what you’re thinking about! But remember, this might affect the money you need to put towards your budget since prices can be higher here due to their popularity among investors.

Consider location and amenities

In Werribee, the place of a house matters a lot. Close by spots like shops, parks and schools add worth. Some places are near to Melbourne which can be good for work or fun trips. Real estate agents in Werribee know this area well and can give good advice on where to buy.

They will guide you through the buying steps too. Buyers should check out any house they wish to buy very closely before saying yes. This way, they make sure their money is spent well.

Research the property and its history

Make sure to research any property before buying it. You should know what happened there in the past. This can affect how good of a deal you get. A planning property report is a helpful tool to use.

Use this report to find out about the area’s history, such as Werribee’s Aboriginal roots with tribes from the Kulin Nation. Stay smart and make choices based on solid facts and data about the housing market.


Financial Considerations

When investing in Werribee’s commercial real estate, investors should take into account several financial factors:

  • Property prices: As of September 2023, there are over 200 commercial properties available for varied budgets. Prices are subject to the property type, location, and size.


  • Interest rates: Potential investors should keep an eye on interest rates, as they can significantly impact the cost of financing a property.


  • Taxation: Understanding the tax implications of owning commercial real estate in Werribee is essential. It would be best to consult a professional accountant or financial advisor to navigate the ins and outs of taxation.


  • Ongoing costs: Investors need to factor in ongoing costs such as property maintenance, insurance, and council rates to ensure the investment remains profitable.


Rental Demand and Yields

To ensure a steady return on investment, it’s crucial to evaluate the rental demand and potential yields for commercial properties in Werribee:

  • Rental demand: The area’s diverse business community creates a consistent demand for office, retail, and industrial spaces. Investors should analyse various property types and locations to identify the optimal investment choice, considering the demands of different market sectors.


  • Yields: Assessing the potential rental income against the initial investment cost is essential to determine the viability of a commercial property. It is crucial for investors to research and compare similar properties in the market to make informed decisions about projected yields.


In conclusion, understanding the financial aspects and rental potential of commercial real estate in Werribee is crucial for making informed investment decisions. It is advisable to consult with professionals and conduct thorough research before committing to any purchase.


Property Werribee is real estate located in the suburb of Werribee, in Victoria, Australia.

market demand. However, it’s important to research the current trends in the local market and consult with professional real estate agents in Werribee for accurate information on property prices.

Warehouses for sale in the Werribee area can be found listed on commercial real estate websites such as You may also consult local real estate agents who specialise in commercial properties for more targeted assistance in finding suitable warehouse options.

The cost to buy a house in Werribee can vary based on many things such as size, location, and the state of the property.

Yes, there are plenty of rental properties available for different needs and budgets in Werribee.

Living in Property Werribee gives you access to local amenities like parks, shopping centres, schools and public transportation.